Why Women need to be Afraid of Creepy Incel Losers more than Ever

By Monique Bellamont - April 2018.

In the wake of the Toronto Van Attack and the Incel*'s victims - 10 dead and another 15 people injured, women need to understand that there is a reason why they should follow their gut instinct and avoid the creepy losers they sometimes meet on first dates.

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* Incel = Involuntary Celibate. A male virgin who blames women for the fact that they are a virgin and is violently angry about it, when in reality they are a virgin because they are creepy losers.

The Creep Factor = Dealbreaker

When meeting a new guy for the first time many women (dare I say all women?) have to assess whether this guy is a creepy nutcase who might try to murder us, stalk us, abduct us and keep us in a basement replaying their favourite scene from Silence of the Lambs.

Not to make light of the situation, but lets face it: There are some creepy scary men out there who reek of desperation and the potential to be violent. Are they all violent? No, absolutely not. But everyone (men and women) has the potential to be violent. Some people are simply more violent and creepy than other people.

And that is what the woman's instincts are looking for on these first dates. Is this guy a creepy violent lunatic? And is he actually marriageable material worthy of meeting my parents?

Are Incels really losers?

Well if we want to use sports analogies, here goes:

The Winners are typically the masculine jocks who win the football game and date a cheerleader.

The Losers are not masculine, not "Alpha Males", and they are certainly not winning at football or any other sports. And only in their dreams are they dating a cheerleader.

This doesn't mean Incels cannot be financially successful. Rather what Incels are bad at is being social with the opposite sex in a manner which is not creepy. They are socially awkward around women, don't really know how to talk to women in a manner which is not creepy, make weird jokes that don't go over that well, and generally frighten all the women away.

In the dating world, Incels are basically at the bottom of the pecking order, with the jocks and alpha males way up at the top, and the Incels are down in the gutters.

So it is no wonder Incels are bitter about it. They are sexually repressed, socially inept, scare all the women away, and have zero clue about what their real problem is and instead blame all their problems on women.

So yes, Incels are definitely losers.

Are Incels Misogynists?

Yes. Incels hate women. That is the very definition of misogyny.

They are also anti-feminists, anti-social and have a host of other problems. Mental issues? Maybe. Mental hangups? Definitely. Slight difference between the two.

Incels are also often internet trolls playing out their creepy fantasies on websites like 4chan - which is home to many different subculture groups which are similarly creepy and violent.

Incel Terminology

Incels hate the whole dating world. They cannot compete with the alpha males and have regressed to internet groups where they talk to other Incels, celebrate their misogyny and complain about women all the time. Incels even have a name for these women:

Stacy - A woman who pretends to be all innocent but whenever she meets a Chad she suddenly becomes interested in sex.

Chad - An alpha male or a winner, a man worthy of actually having sex with. Even Beta males qualify as Chads, because even though they are lower in the pecking order, they are still higher than the loser virgin Incels at the bottom.

The Incel Rebellion - Some Incels have been pushing the idea that they should all rise up and kill the Chads and Stacys of the world. That is how bitter and violent these people are.

Alek Minassian - The creepy loser from Toronto who killed 10 people and injured 15 trying to start an Incel Rebellion.

Elliot Rodger - The creepy loser from Santa Barbara who killed 6 people and injured 14 back in 2014, also trying to start an Incel Rebellion and inspired Alek Minassian.

The École Polytechnique Murderer, aka Marc Lépine - Killed 14 people and injured 14 others at the
École Polytechnique in Montreal in 1989. He blamed women for himself not getting into the school's engineering program. He claimed he was "fighting feminism".

Why Incels need to Get A Life

There is actually a cure for men who are Incels.

It is called going outside and Get A Life. These losers have spent too much time focused on trying to get laid, venting their frustrations on the internet (4chan and other misogynistic websites) and surrounded by other men who are just an echo chamber for their own worst ideas.

They need to go outside, find a hobby, lets say for example "Birdwatching" and just focus on that hobby for months or years.

And while they are doing all this Birdwatching (aka Birding) they should learn how to socialize with other birdwatchers (including women) without being a creepy loser.

Then after years of socializing and not creeping women out, maybe then they might meet a woman who is also into Birdwatching who finds him attractive and not creepy at all.

And obviously it doesn't have to be Birdwatching.

I recommend staying away from the more violent hobbies like hunting or kickboxing, because that is actually more likely to just add to the Creep Factor. It could be any number of non-violent hobbies.
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Exercising
  • Walking the Dog
  • Catching Butterflies
  • Beekeeping
  • Non-Profit Volunteer
  • Etc
So essentially there is a cure, but it requires the man - the Incel - to recognize that they are their own worst enemy when it comes to socializing with women. They need to get outside, exercise, find a hobby, and become a new better person.

Or they could just stay a creepy loser Incel. It is their choice after all.