Dating Academic Cheaters

By Rebecca S. Mart

Why you should not date from cheaters, at the very least academic cheaters.

You have heard the old adage cheaters never prosper I’m sure. Well in the case of academic cheaters that use an essay writing company in Toronto it could not be truer. Not only are academic cheaters ‘not too smart’ in more ways than one, but the simple act of cheating can indicate some moral failings in a potential partner that are just not attractive.

Not Smart In The First Place

Let’s face it if you feel the need to cheat in the first place you must not be the smartest apple in the bunch and that's just not attractive. The need to cheat shows a lack of knowledge that only cheating can rectify. Back when I was in a Toronto high school I had a friend that was not too good in math. She felt the need to cheat on an algebra math test. She eventually got me to agree to cheat with her (I wrote a bunch of equations on the back of my calculator) and in we went thinking we had gotten one over on the teacher. So I am sitting down answering questions surreptitiously looking at the back of my calculator hoping that my teacher did not see me look. Then it dawned on me, I already know this stuff and looking at my calculator is slowing my down. I stopped cheating right then and there and never did it again. If you know it, you know it and you do not need to cheat.

Laziness Is The New Black, Or Not

Another reason to cheat is laziness. How hot is that? Not very. Too lazy to get up to do a little essay writing then too lazy to get up and help around the house, change that dirty diaper late at night and to lazy to make sure you are satisfied in bed. NO THANK YOU!!!

Not Smart Enough To Know That Cheating Will Not Help In The Long Run

If you have to cheat then you are not learning. Later on in life you will see the affects when you need to call on that knowledge and it is not there. I had a classmate in high school who was on the fast tract to one of the most prestigious business schools in Toronto, Canada. She was a serial cheater. She purposely missed class on test day in order to get the answers to the questions and then cheated on the test the next day. She had a 98% by the end of the year. The worst part was everyone knew she was cheating, even the teacher. But she finished the year and got in to that great school. Three months after university started this girl had dropped out of school and was working at the mall. That did not work out for her now did it? Do you want someone that works at the mall because they cheated on a test? Don’t think so.

Moral Equivocation

I can only imagine the moral equivocation that must take place in these people heads. Despite being told that it is wrong the cheat, that it is against the rules and could result in expulsion, cheaters still manage to cheat anyway. That takes a special type of equivocating that does not necessarily care about the consequences so much as the possible positive result of the act. I imagine that a cheater must say this to themselves:

“Well, it’s just one test, I’m not really hurting anyone.”

That can easily turn into “Well, it’s just one extra-martial affair, I’m not really hurting anyone.” Do you really want to take that chance?

Bottom line just stay away from cheaters. Nothing good can come from it.

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