5 Valentines Gift Ideas

If you don't get the right gift for your lover for Valentines you could be in for a nasty breakup (although to be fair, if they are insistent on a gift then they are immature and greedy).

Nevertheless, if you are in the gift giving mood here is 5 ideas!

#1. Archery Lessons / Archery Equipment

Thanks to Katniss and the Hunger Games, archery equipment and archery lessons are all the rage right now. Not just for women, but for men too. While buying archery equipment can be expensive (expect to spend over $300 if you want decent equipment), you can just purchase archery lessons from a place that provides the equipment for you. eg. CardioTrek.ca provides archery lessons in Toronto, with the equipment provided.

#2. New Bicycle

Nothing says romance like going for Spring bicycle rides together. If their old bicycle is broken, get them a new bicycle and they can sell their old bicycle on Craigslist. (So it is a bit like giving them a new bicycle PLUS some extra cash.)

#3. Dancing Lessons

Ah, dancing... Seriously. If they have two working legs you cannot go wrong with dancing lessons.

#4. A Thoughtful Gift or Big Ticket Item

This requires you to seriously think about past things they said they wanted. You really need to pay attention to figure that one out, but if you do and it is within your budget, absolutely get them it. Another option is the Big Ticket Item - which is usually for married couples. Big ticket items are things like...

"My husband got me a new car for Valentines!"

"The wife got me a pool table!"

#5. Stick to the Classics

The classics are: Chocolate, wine, alcohol, roses - and also possibly a gift card to a shoe store or a store that sells tools. When doing the classics you should try to nail down 2 or 3 different items so you put more effort into it. eg. Roses, chocolates and a gift card would be a good combo.

Things NOT to give them on Valentines... adult products for the bedroom (unless you know they're really into that sort of thing), lingerie (again, only if they are into that), books (unless it is exceptionally thoughtful), cash, pets, bad news...

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