A Good Boyfriends knows what to do...

A good boyfriend should know when he is wanted.

Except men are not psychic.

A good boyfriend should know how to treat a girl.

A bit like how you treat your mother, except you get to ogle her breasts.

A good boyfriend should tie your shoes for you once in awhile.

Just because it is so cute when you do it.

A good boyfriend should behave like a prince...

Except in the sack, when the girl is expecting a beast.

A good boyfriend should know the endings of every movie containing a Disney princess. And Beauty and the Beast. And The Princess Bride. And Pretty Woman. The list goes on.

But don't expect him to know the ending of The Hunger Games Trilogy or the Twilight Trilogy. Some things are just not in his repertoire.

A good boyfriend should know how to give you a piggyback ride.

And know when to set you down when you start getting motion sickness.

Sometimes boyfriends also make good chairs.

Good boy!

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