Building Stronger Relationships Towards LOVE

Want to build a stronger and healthier relationship? Follow the following tips and you will find you both develop feelings of love faster and are more open about communicating.

1. Relax Optimistically

Having a relax mind about the person with whom you are interested in relationship will help you to build a strong trust and relationship. When you feel comfortable with others, then they will feel comfortable with you. If you are interested in relationship don’t be nervous because a nervous person can’t achive his destiny and the partner will easily sense that and they will withdraw from relationships.

It is common when we meet a online friend in real world, but have a brighten face which will attract the friend you are meeting and also persons around. In this world each and every person are interested in meeting other singles who are having fun and joy. That is the reason why we are trying to make friendship and relationship. When you are meeting a long lost friend your face will glow in joy and shine like a sun because the friend you’re meeting is your best friend. When you have that face to the new friend they will feel happy and comfortable to have a friendship or relationship with you. Here I would like to introduce a secret to you for getting a brighten face.

SMILE, nothing can beat a smile, it make your face to glow in joy. We are interested to meet a girl/ guy who is has a smile in his face. We won’t turn to a person who don’t know how to smile. So smile is a biggest way to get an instant glow in your face and you will get relaxed in mind too. When your smile reciprocates by partner then your heart will smile and that gives a bonding with the partner you are having relationship.

2. Listen Deeply

Relaxing your mind and smileing gives a start to build trust with each other but when you listen to the words and messages of your partner then it will create unexplainable joy to the heart of your friend or partner. Share their thoughts by listening to their words.

Allow them to speak, In a successful relationship between any two persons there will be a lot of communication and sharing. Before building trust no person will tell their secrets but when you listen to them with heart then they will open their heart wide for accommodating you into that place. Listening creates an emotional feelings to person who is communicating. Friendship and relationships are tied with a bond of emotion not with a bond of appearance.

Listen to your partner or friend with heart, listen deeply with emotional feeling. You will listen carefully when you place yourself in the place of your partner. Feel their emotions and the body psotures. Body language reveals a lot of messages to the outside world. There is a lot of books available in bookstores which teach you the body language.

When you feel your partner is in need offer a hand of help, which makes your bonds strong with each other. Friendship and relationship (An affair with your love) is beyond parenting. You can’t share some secrets with your parents but with your friend. This kind of sharing will come when they feel comfortable and trust on you. To get this relationship and friendship you need to listen carefully.

3. Feel Empathetically

As I said earlier feeling or seeing the other person’s perspective without seeing your own belief is empathetic. In friendship or relationship you must see the perspective point of the person who is sharing the problem rather than your own point. It leads to two way communication between you both. When you feel their mistakes as yours then there will be the birth for solutions.

When your partner realize that you know the mistakes of them and still you are respecting them and sharing excitement during their victory, encouragement and support during their difficulty will build trust on you because you are looking into the person’s heart, not looking into mistakes. If you are not at all looking into mistakes of other person, it will lead you to difficulty. Rather correct them when they are doing small mistakes and forget that mistakes, this gives a double times trust on you because you are trying to correct the person but not leaving the person. Empathy will build a strong relationship and friendship with trust.

4. Respond Carefully

Emotions create good and also bad.

Emotionally motivated persons will do good and wrongs because they relates everything with emotions. When you are emotionally charged choose your words correctly. If you’re not correct in your words then the trust you built till that moment will shatter into pieces which is unrecoverable. So choose your words and emotions carefully.

Showing your emotions without understanding the other person mood will also create problems, so understand the person’s mood and needs. As I said words can build or destroy trust on you. When they are sad make them to come up by your words, which will build trust, but when they are happy and you speak about their past mistakes without intention will destroy trust on you immediately.

Before responding to a question listen deeply and analyze them deeply in your heart. Reply them with your view ans solution back to them carefully. When you respond back to them use their words rather than your words which will create an feeling that you have listened their words and problems which again gives trust on you.

5. Compliment Them

Compliment, a small word which does miracles. None in this world hates compliment because it gives joy to your heart that they appreciate us for our work. Compliment them whenever possible. Appreciating a person is like walking on top of a knife. When you over-compliment them they will think as you are teasing thme rather than appreciating their work, which will back fire you. So compliment them with some limit. Share their joy and sarrows with you also. A response can be encouraging or discouraging, but a limited compliment will encourage others and they get trust on you. Guys you can try with a girl with following words ” Hey _____( fill with that person name), You look gorgeous and stunning.”, it may be true or false but that girl with whom you are trying will like you. And gals you try the same with guys, guys will follow you and do anything for you people. This is the power of compliment. Each and every person loves compliment.

6. Synchronize Cooperatively


Hmmm what is synchronizing, A true and trusting friendship and relationship will happen when both friends interest and activities lies in same frequency. if you act like your partner and if they act like your activities then it creates a strong bond of friendship or relationship because everyone want to mate with those have their interest. When two same interest collides there will be a discussion and fun. if two opposite interest collides there will be a major accident happens. When two interest or views meet each other then there will be another view which will be a mix of both and we share our picture on it. Rachel and john are friends who have same interest of rock music, then they will share music first then they share their friendship, same time if Rachel has a rock music interest and John has a classical music interest they can’t share music rather they share wrongs and criticism.

Synchronizing your partner's interest is more important. Not every human is having same interest, you need to find common interest of your partner and try to develop with that. There is a possibility of sharing friendship with two different interest people. In this case there both never share their own interest rather they try to learn their partners interest which also gives a strong bonding, because you are trying to synchronize with your partner interest. Relationship require a cooperative action to survive in the minds. When you are not cooperative they never feel comfortable with you which is the base of creating strong relationships.

When relationships mature, then the values of the couple also changes. You need to be flexible with your partner by understanding the changes and goals. Without cooperative actions a relationship will not survive for a long time.

7. Act Authentically

Authentically means acting with your values. In simple words Be Yourself. When you are not like yourself. being yourself is not by appearance but by heart. Be yourself like when you are without no one. Don’t create any false appearance with others which will not create a trusting bond in your relationship and it never helps your relationship in any way. False face will not survive for a long time, for making it to survive you need to do a lot wrongs which tells you that you are not true in your friendship or relationship.

When you act like yourself you are honest to yourself and also to others which will never make you as wrong rather it gives you respect among others. Say what you can do and do what you say, be a man of words. When you are standing on your words your partner will trust you and your words. Be clear in your relationship, and find what your partner needs from your relationships. This will give you a clear mind rather than a confused mind. when you are clear by your mind you will feel relaxed and comfortable in your relationship.

8. Acknowledge Generously

When you need relationship look positive qualities of others rather than looking bad qualities. Acknowledgement from another person will register that person in brain or mind for a long time. That figure will not forget or diminish in the mind. Acknowledge them for their good qualities, Don’t overlook bad qualities of others.

Show your gratitude and encouragement by words and actions to your partner. Encourage them when they are in difficulties, support them when they are in need, These are all some kind of acknowledging problems of them and providing hands for help. When heart registers us as we are there for helping at anytime heart never feel depressed rather it shares its problem like river of flood. Sharing problems comes only after your relationship is built with strong base and trust.

To start strong relationship the above mentioned are like the tip of an iceberg. There is a lot of qualities which we need to find ourselves because they differ from each person to person. To start take a piece of paper and write down all your qualities whether good or bad, check yourself which can be used. By doing this you will find yourself which brings your inner-self. When your inner-self is out you can validate yourself into relationship you want.

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