How to Fake It and get into their Pants

There are lots of books out there selling tricks designed to help men get into the pants of women.

Honestly, it largely comes down to acting sincere.

And sincerity is pretty hard for some men to master.

Basically it comes down to things like...

Looking into a woman's eyes and actually paying attention to what she is saying (instead of ogling her breasts).

Actually listening to what she is talking about and pretending to be interested.

Showing positive body language that shows you are interested in every word she says (instead of fidgeting with your cellphone, playing with your ring or hair, staring off into the distance...).

Make her the centre of your attention - not her body, but her mind first.

Be considerate and polite and show her that you are there for her and her alone. (And rescue kittens in trees, help elderly people across the street etc.)

Basically it is a long list of things like that designed to trick women into thinking this man is for real, he really does like her, that he really does care, listen, is kind, considerate, polite and the perfect man.

Taken all together and assuming she is the least bit attracted to the man, this combination of things will cause most women [by most I mean the vast majority of them, the exact percentage is unknown because it can't be scientifically proven] to be wanting to jump the poor guy before the date is over.

In contrast are much easier to seduce.

Or at least unmarried men. Married men and men who are in a committed loving relationship (practically married) are no doubt much harder because you also need to provide extreme temptation and assurance that they will not get caught.

Otherwise it is pretty simple because men are so simple.

#1. Flirt with him, show some cleavage, try to touch his arm or leg and he will get the hint.

#2. Suggest that the two of you go someplace private.

#3. If his blood is red and he doesn't have anything physically wrong with him he should be hot to trot and ready to ride.

In contrast there is no shortage of how to books on seduction of women - not because women are complicated, but because men are clueless.

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