Worst Dating Gifts Ideas

Gifts really makes a woman’s day special when you take her out on a date - but only if you put thought into the gift. Pampering your potential partner with quality gifts is something that works miracles in a relationship!

Before you haunt yourself with what is a perfect gift for your companion make sure you analyze her likes and dislikes... and make sure you don't just buy her gifts to gain her affection. Some women get really annoyed if its too obvious that you are treating her like an escort.

There are some things that are just a BIG NO NO where gifts for women are concerned. It can TOTALLY offend them and even ruin your relationship chances permanently.


#1. Wrong sized clothes. Please keep this in mind that girls generally tend to lie about their sizes to save themselves from embarrassment. They try to make you realize that they are perfect for your love scene. A wrong size of clothes can turn out to be a total catastrophe. So make sure you never buy clothes for her until you are sure about the size.

#2. Inexpensive and easy on the pocket jewelry. A majority of women find cheap jewelry quite cliché as a gift on a date. Never consider jewelry as a gift for a date until and unless you are ready to spend quite a bit of amount. The same rule applies to cheap cosmetics. This will leave a wrong impression on your girl.

#3. Membership to a gym. It might be possible that your girlfriend is a heath freak and crazily talks about treadmills and power yoga. But this doesn’t mean that you offer her a gym membership on your date. This might make her feel you want her to loose weight and workout more often.

#4. A pet. Do not consider this as a gifting idea until and unless your date has asked you for one. It might sound quite romantic to gift her, a puppy or a kitten but it’ll call for a lot of her time and care. She might later think it to be the worst date gift.

#5. Something that you are craving for. It’s a date gift for her and not yourself. So avoid buying tickets for a cricket or a football match that you wanted from so long.

#6. Books. To give this as a perfect gift make sure the topic you pick up interests her and not anything like “How to learn cooking” and topics that could be insulting.

#7. Re-gifting should be avoided. If you don’t want to risk your relationship with your woman then don’t even try gifting them things from your last relationship.

#8. Cash as a gift. Cash gift is the worst insult you can do of someone who is so precious in your life. It even gives her the wrong idea that you don’t even have time to buy something nice for the love of your life.

#9. Getting nothing. This is another worst situation you can create on your date. Some women (especially gold-diggers) expect men to shower them with gifts. So going empty handed on a date where they are expecting a gift (like Valentines, they are expecting a gift!) is something you have to watch out for! Put in some effort to show how much you care.

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