Are cooking classes really a good place to meet a new lover?

Imagine you are single. You want to meet someone kewl and exciting (and marriage material).

So you say hey, where do these kewl, exciting and marriage material people hang out?

Art galleries? No. Kind of a crapshoot. Artists come in two classes: Flakey amateur wannabes and serious professionals. Only the serious artist is marriage material and the flakey amateur is, frankly, completely unreliable. (Stereotypes galore!)

Bars? Nope, more likely to be alcoholics who just like to fool around and aren't serious about their relationships.

The ballet? Maybe. But you're supposed to be quiet and watch while the ballerinas are dancing. No talking or flirting with the people you find attractive... unless its after or before the performance. Or during intermission.

Really what you want is an event where you can talk to other single people, who aren't drunks, in a semi-casual setting.

Enter the cooking classes. You can also get private cooking lessons and then invite all your single friends. $25 + the cost of food per person.

After all you could just arrange a catered event for a whole bunch of singles... but per person that will be more expensive. It is less expensive to organize such an event and get cooking lessons in Toronto instead of catering.

If you want to learn a particular type of cooking you can also get Italian cooking lessons in Toronto. Or Indian food. Or Vegan food. Just find someone who teaches a variety of recipes on the topics you want to learn and ask how much they would charge to teach it.

Of course to do this you will need a big kitchen to do this. And some good organizational skills to find equal numbers of single women and men, and not bother to tell them this event is just for singles...

That is right. Tell them its just a bunch of friends. Keep it informal. That way they don't know that the social activity has underlying romantic intentions.

Or sign up for cooking classes at other places... but there will be no guarantee the people will be single.

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