What to Wear on your First Date

People always like to be fashionable and appealing when first meeting someone new - which these days means you probably met them through online personals.

Dressing makes a you attractive or breaks you. Mostly during your Date, Improper dressing while meeting your date will surely break your future opportunities. You will always be in a dilemma on what dress you would like to wear for our First Date.

Lot of times you might have ran into problem with your date because you are over dressed. This is because you did not know what to wear for which venue. Yes, First Date Venue is one of the most critical factors that decide what to wear for your first Date. Let me walk-through on how you need to be dressed during your First date

Dinner Date

Most of us go for Dinner date with our beloved. Your dressing should depend on type of meal, whether lunch or dinner and the restaurant. You cannot wear casuals for a nice classy restaurant. You need to be dressed with a nice and clean suit. However if you are going for a fast food restaurant, you cannot be in a suit which will show you as over dressed. This will kill your date because no one likes your opposite to be overdressed.

Now let’s think about nice decent restaurant where we mostly schedule our first date. Wear a elegant shoes with a classy pants with a matching shirt. During your date Women tend to get first impression about their man by looking at their shoes. So make sure you have a nice pair of shoes.Keep it simple but classy. A classy shoe with clean pant with matching shirt is generally a safe choice for a Date.

Movie Date

If you had planned to go for a movie date, we men tend to over dress, this may be we are surrounded by a huge amount of women that go to movies, but remember you are already with someone, so there is no point to get over dressed just to impress other ladies. If you are a jeans, t-shirt guy, that is all you require for your first date. You can also wear a causal shirt and a matching pant is more acceptable. If you overdress for a movie, then there is a high expectation set in next dates. To see how much fashionable you are, a movie date will be best. So be honest in your clothing.

Night Club Date

If you want to have an unconventional first date, try out a Night club or a bar. It is an easy to choose a dress and it is unconventional place for the first date. Try to choose a trendy outfit or a nice suit that will impress your date. If you had planned to go to a bar, then you should avoid wearing awkward suits, just go in a casual shirt and jeans.

These are general ways of having great date and general guidelines on how can we be aware of certain fashion mistakes we do in first date. But everyone is different and they follow their won guidelines so be prepared for a successful first date.

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