Love, Dating and Long Distance Relationships

I hate long distance relationships.

They are almost always doomed from the beginning. The ones that do last are only because the couple makes a deliberate effort to see each other whenever possible and stay in daily communication.

Here is some handy tips / info when having a long distance relationship.

#1. You have to sincerely like / love the person. If you're not sure about them then you're just wasting your time and theirs.

#2. You have to trust them. This means no checking up on them, no being suspicious all the time, just let them be and trust that they are doing the same.

#3. You have to know yourself. Can you wait for love? Are you patient enough? If you're not the patient type then you are just fooling yourself.

#4. Are there any other barriers to the relationship apart from just distance? Watch for dealbreakers but also look to make compromises if you feel the relationship is worth it.

#5. When you are together focus on doing fun activities you both enjoy.

#6. Be virtuous. Don't be selfish, greedy or lazy. Let your lover bring out the best in you.

#7. Set a date time to call on the phone, use Skype, Google Phone or chat online. This is effectively the long distance version of dating.

#8. Write and send letters via snail mail. Send along small gifts and personal momentos.

#9. Don't try to buy the other person's affection by send them outrageously expensive gifts. They won't be impressed. A wooden locket you carved yourself is more meaningful than a gold one.

#10. Eventually you will want to make the trip to visit each other. Let it be a mutual decision.

#11. Offer to stay in a hotel upon visiting.

#12. Don't expect sex if its your very first meeting.

#13. Don't be pushy or overly dramatic. That is creepy. Avoid anything remotely creepy. Stick to being patient with a dose of humour and wit.

#14. Always leave the other person wanting more.

If you rush things in any relationship don't be surprised if it blows up in your face.

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