In the beginning...

This new blog, titled True Love Bites, will be dedicated towards dispensing relationship advice, often with some of my own past experiences used as examples.

In part this blog is also a sequel to my other blog The Male Brain at Work which focused both on relationships and also on the different / similar roles played by men and women in society and even dipped into topics surrounding sexuality, advertising and male dominated culture.

As a result I will be cutting back on how often I post on my old blog because any time I run into a relationship topic in my writing it will be posted here instead and the old blog will become more dedicated towards studying the social interactions / roles played by the warring / loving sexes.

True Love Bites will be focusing solely on relationships. Nothing else. I might mention sex in passing, but we won't go into great detail about it. It won't be censored out, but it will be left a bit blurry and vague. Got it?

As part of my first tasks for this blog I am going to write a fresh relationship article to get the ball rolling.


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